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I guess I could start by saying my love for music began as early as the days of the womb. So the story goes. My mom used to have to put large headphones on her stomach to get me to stop kicking. Really, what does that all mean? Just that these sounds were soothing to me right from the beginning. There might be something to that, and it could all just be a story that was told to me to justify how much time I spent studying this thing called music. The fact is, my mom was a piano player and my dad a drummer. So I guess you would call my interest and desire somewhat natural. Any instrument I picked up I seemed to take to pretty naturally. The most prevelant being the drums.

That being said, it was anything but a cake walk. While everyone else was out playing sports, hanging out, doing what kids do. I was in my room playing pillows (before I could actually have a drumset), banging on coffee cans, whatever I could get my hands on. This turned into trying to make an acoustic guitar rock, so on and so forth. Trying to not make this story too long.

I'll never forget the day a kid down the street had an old crappy JC Penneys (or some crappy brand), drumset. He never played it and I begged him to let me buy it. Buy it? I was like 8 years old. How would I accomplish this? Well, turn on the baby blues and beg mom, that's how. Anyway, I'll never forget bangin' on those things to the Beatles White Album. I wasn't sounding too good, so my mom had watched what my dad did and took the time to show me how to hit the cymbals correctly and do the beat to "I Am The Walrus". What a day.

So fast forward and you could imagine that this kind of behavior didn't stop. The real defining time I would say was around 1987. I'll never forget going to this place called positively 4th street in Olympia, WA. and decided I would pick up whatever record looked cool. The album happened to be ALL by the band Descendents. I was tired of all the drab crap on the radio and didn't understand what everyone was listening to. I put that record on and a new life unfolded. One of pure, raw music that still had energy, passion, and all the melody you could shake a stick at. Yep, that was it, I had discovered Punk Rock. From this day forward, my life had changed for good. That was the key to everything I had felt and wanted. I learned that album from start to finish on guitar and never looked back. After this came NoMeansNo recommended to me by a buddy at the time. Yet another wonderful slice of harmony, mathmetics and raw energy. Also a healthy distain for the "norm".

Now we'll get into what this all lead to. I wanted to be in a band, of course. My first real band I would say was Uncle Abner, (later to become Unwound). A high school band that didn't ever amount to much, but was great because it led to me meeting some other heroes Fitz of Depression. A local favorite punk band in Oly that stood for everything I had desired. The one big thing that did happen with Uncle Abner was that I ended up playing my first show at a venue called the Reko Muse. An old art studio converted into a place for bands on off nights. This show was with a band called Jawbreaker, another band that helped define my style. Also saw Mr. T Experience at such said place and that was yet another band that defined punk rock for me. A slew of bands came after, most notably Moral Crux, which I finally got the chance to be on an album with on the Ben Weasel label of Panic Button Records. Quit a historical event for me since it was a subsidiary of Lookout! records which I had studied endlessly.

I think you get the picture but the other thing I should probably note is that I also decided that recording would be my other endeavor. It's music, right? So I went to school and you'll see throughout this page some bands I recorded and produced.

Bands I've been in: Uncle Abner, Moral Crux, Mea Culpa, Batum Schrag, the Gloryholes, Thankless Dogs, The Pitz, Peepshow Towel Boys


So that's out of the way. Right now after several tours with Moral Crux and the Gloryholes, I decided that I needed to calm down and really concentrate on music again. Not the life of being on the run and traveling around with not a cent to my name. So I am now concentrating on a project called Always My Enemy. This is something that just came out of nowhere from a chance meeting of a guy from Craigslist, John Fate (Fate, Pseudo Dates). This leading to another guy from Craiglist, Vic (St. Fall Apart). More of a recording project because of our busy lives, but great music.

Throughout all this there has been my need to get out songs that I generally didn't use with any bands, covers I like, etc. This is what Johnny and the Producers is. A collection of songs and covers that I play all the instruments on in my little "make-shift" studio. Enjoy, and hopefully I didn't bore you to death.