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Below are projects I've worked on and most of the Johnny and the Producers have never been released, so no album affiliations. Also some were recorded with whatever I had at the time. 4-track, 8-track, drum machine, whatever the case may be, it was a space in time. Some even have clear mistakes and sound pretty bad, but that was what it was. Enjoy and download at your leisure.

Some of the Johnny and the Producers are just instrumental ideas that could almost be little theme songs, but still putting regardless.

All songs will appear in 160kbs for quick listening, to get a copy in better quality please write me and I'd be happy to get it to you.


  All Right All Right
  All Systems Go! All Systems Go!
  Anti-U Anti-U
  Blacked Out Blacked Out
  Cartoon Network Cartoon Network
  Descendents Descendents
  First Aid First Aid
  H & M Conflict H & M Conflict
  Has Been? Has Been?
  JJ Religion - with Jeff Jenkins and Justin Warren JJ Religion
  Love Controlled Listen
  Mortimer Mooch Listen
  Outer Limits Listen
  Snuffey Listen
  Space Moron Listen
  Subtle Disonance Listen
  Too Late Listen
  Who We Are Listen
80's Cover Project

  Always Something There (to remind me) - Naked Eyes Always Something There
  I Can See It In Your Eyes - Men At Work I Can See It In Your Eyes
  Overkill - Men At Work Overkill
More to come!!! Cyndi Lauper, Joe Jackson, Crowded House, much more!!

Albums recorded or affiliated


Comp. Punk USA -

appear as drummer for Thankless Dogs - release on Lookout! records

Punk USA

Moral Crux - Pop Culture Assassins -

appear as drummer and back up vox, also a remastered version available. Originally released on Panic Button / Lookout! 2001

Pop Culture Assassins

Comp. Lookout! Freakout -

appear as drummer and back up vox Moral Crux, Originally released on Lookout! records

Lookout! Freakout

Comp. Dirtnap Across the Northwest -

Appear as Pruducer / Engineer for Mea Culpa - Dirtnap Records

Dirtnap Across The Northwest

Mea Culpa - They Put You In a Mask -

Recorded at my studio Concrete Beach, Appear as producer, drummer, backing vox, engineer

Released on Empty Records

They Put You In A Mask