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What it is

Basically this is what you call a "project studio". It's a little slice of heaven in my basement. Based on Pro Tools and ran by whatever gear I have picked up along the way. All the necessary tools to record a wonderful demo, all the way to a full length album.

Here's what I do differently though. I don't use Pro Tools to sanitize or otherwise manipulate sounds to make something that is NOT what was played. I do some basic production and some nice studio trickery, but nothing that is a misrepresentation of the band itself. I just don't believe in that sort of music.

Regarding pricing and such, just write on the contact page. It's project based and if it's something you want to do. Let's work it out. I have also taken other "solo" acts and played the other instruments they need to help work out their songs. So I guess you would say I produce a lot also.

Bands Recorded

Here's a list of bands I've recorded to my recollection.

Johnny and the Producers, Mea Culpa, Peepshow Towelboys, Moral Crux, the Gloryholes, Subjekt 2 Change, The Gouts, Tracing 8, Tubuku, Sadie Hawkins Rejects, Always My Enemy